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Gorgeous Yom Tov Dresses for Under $100

September 20, 2011 in Fashion, Jewish Holidays, Style on a Budget, Uncategorized

We all want to look beautiful through Rosh Hashana and Sukkos, adorned in gorgeous new clothes on these Holy of Holy days. And so we should!

But with 10 Days of Yom Tov coming up, can you afford a new outfit for every day of Yom Tov? So what if I told you, you could have a different fashionable modest outfit for each day of Yom Tov without spending a fortune?

The key to looking  fabulous over the Yomim Tovim on an affordable budget is Shopping Smart.

Shopping Smart consists of three key components:

  1. Taking advantage of Rosh Hashanah sales
  2. Buy versatile pieces
  3. Be creative and learn how to create multiple outfits with the same garment.

We will look at each of these components more closely and apply them to shopping for fashionable modest affordable outfits for the Jewish holidays that are right around the corner.

Shopping the Sales for Rosh Hashana

It is important to shop the stores with the best deals and offers. Aside from the high end boutiques and specialty stores, the average store has a similar clothing collection to offer as the next – varying only in style and price. If you choose to shop the right store at the right time, depending on the current sale, you will get more for your money.











A great example of a store that has great sales and promotions is Kohls. And in addition to the sales, if you have a credit card with them you also receive great rewards like 10-30% off purchases plus Kohl’s cash regularly. Here are two great modest Yom Tov dress options on sale at Kohl’s right now for under $80.00.

Macy’s is another great store to check out. They have great sales

and often have additional promotions going on to get even more discounts. If shopped at the right time, you can buy an item for 50% off its original price! Here are a few modest dress options for the Jewish holidays from Macy’s under $100.00


We all know Zappos has a great selection of top designer clothes, PLUS free shipping and returns!

But if you shop Zappos sale items, it is a Real Steal!  Check out these gorgeous designer dresses suitable for Yontif all on sale now for under $100.00!


Clothing with Versatility

To get some great outfits on a budget it is essential to have clothing items that can stand alone on their own but also

coordinate with other pieces too. The next four featured items have the potential to create at least five fashionable modest outfits perfect for Yom Tov. That’s five outfits for under $150 averaging $37.50 per outfit – Now that’s pretty good!

You can pair the black skirt sold at Macy’s for $59.00 with the Old Navy bow tie top for $26.96 and a white or black long sleeve shell underneath. It can be worn tucked in with a skinny belt or left out.

For an additional outfit, you can also pair the bow tie top with the ruffled cardi from Target at $17.99 worn over it open or buttoned up. With either of these outfits, you can also wear the bow-tie top tucked in or left out over the skirt.

Another outfit suggestion would be to wear the ruffled cardi alone with the black skirt and a simple women’s shell underneath for extra neck coverage.

Tip: Need some new shells for Yom Tov – ShellSheli has 10% off all shells until Rosh Hashana! Order your shells online now and cross one item off your pre-chag to-do list!

For a simple yet classic look, you can wear the New York  and Company tailored shirt at $36.95 tucked in or out of the black skirt with a belt or without. And for the last outfit option… you can wear the cardi over the white tailored shirt worn either way.

These subtle differences may seem insignificant, but they drastically change the look of an outfit. If each subtle change is accompanied by different accessories whether it be tights, shoes, or jewelry… the outfit completely transforms into a new one! Which brings us to our last major point!

Learning how to maximize the potential/actualize the versatility of a garment by learning how to create multiple outfits with it is crucial to having modest Jewish style on a budget.

So it’s time to get shopping and coordinating. Wishing everyone a meaningful Rosh Hashanah and a Sweet new Year!

PS. Want to see me demonstrate how I made 14 Yom Tov outfits through clever coordinating of one (modest yet) little black dress? Check these photos.

PSS. Want to save Money and Time on Your Yontif essentials? Check these top 7 shopping tips.

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