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Stay Cool Mama! – Modest Maternity Styles for Summer

July 4, 2011 in Fashion, Women’s Fashion

Modest maternity clothing is all about being cool, comfortable, and stylish this Summer.  Many women feel awkward and unattractive when they’re expecting. But your Baby Bump is no excuse to feel like a Frump! Putting on flattering modest maternity clothes that you love in the morning can make a big difference to your day.

This summer’s Jewish modest maternity trends are boasting easy and breezy styles to help you stay cool and look cool! Every woman deserves to look great and feel great all year long, which is why the top brands have stepped up to provide an amazing selection of fabulous clothing – modest maternity tops, dresses, and skirts in lightweight fabrics, flowy fits, and fresh prints and colors.

MavenMall has an extensive Modest Maternity Clothing Store showcasing these great summer styles and has highlighted below the main trends you can not let pass you by.

Modest Maternity Tops

The must-haves this season for expectant Mama’s in the tops department are unquestionably t-shirts and cardigans. There is nothing more cool and comfortable than a cotton tee. Matched with a cute skirt, and a Shell underneath, you will look totally chic and feel great! Women’s Maternity Shells are great for expanding your wardrobe options without spending a fortune.

Whether you like solids, prints or stripes, there is a perfect tee for everyone. Stock up on some great tees like this short sleeve striped tee from Old Navy or this solid smocked tee from Lilo Maternity.modest maternity tops Browse MavenMall’s complete selection of Modest Maternity Tops for more great styles.






The second modest maternity top wardrobe staple is the lightweight open cardigan like this Handkerchief Cardigan from Old Navy. It’s a great everyday piece you can pair with a cotton tee and jersey skirt or a summer dress. You can even dress it up with a funky necklace and a nice black skirt. You will undoubtedly find yourself wearing it more often than not! Find more essential Modest Maternity Cardigans at MavenMall.

modest maternity dresses

Modest Maternity Dresses

Let’s face it – dresses and summer go hand in hand, so you can always assume a dress is in style. But what kind of dress is the question…

The essential modest maternity dress this summer is the Maxi Dress. A huge trend in fashion all-together right now, you can spot these dresses everywhere from the office to the Shabbos table. They are comfortable, reasonably priced, and super stylish. Ranging from solids to prints and v-neck to halter, there is a great selection to choose from. And you don’t have to limit yourself to just one! Check out this flattering empire maxi dress from Kohl’s and many more in the Modest Maternity Dress Shop at MavenMall.

The Wrap Dress is a fashion classic . Every expecting modest Jewish women should have one! It is extremely flattering, comfortable, and elegant. You just can not go wrong with this style! Perfect for a Summer Shabbos or Simcha, you can beat the heat and still look stunning in this feminine one piece dress.  Featured here is a Black Wrap dress from Pretty Me Maternity.

Modest Maternity Skirts

The current modest maternity skirt trend is lightweight and loose-fitting knee length skirts in cotton and cotton jersey that are effortless and airy. Unlike tops and dresses where we are seeing lots of prints, stripes, and florals, solid colors seem to be the forerunner like in this adorable demi panel knit skirt from the Gap.  Find more Modest Maternity Skirts styles like this one at MavenMall.modest maternity skirts

The top trend and skirt trend complement each other beautifully allowing you to merge them together to create a stylish and easy outfit. By simply pairing a trendy solid color maternity skirt with a bold printed maternity top, you will be a modest style maven!

The simplicity of summer is so refreshing. Everything seems to slow down a bit and become more relaxed, and the same is true in summer fashion…So embrace it! Take these modest maternity trends and apply them to your personal style – You will be fashionable and comfortable all summer long! What more could a woman ask for!

Be’sha’ah Tova!

PS. Sorry but I couldn’t resist the “Your Baby Bump is No Excuse to Feel like a Frump” line – is it over the top???

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