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Women’s Shells: The Ultimate Modest Fashion Item

June 22, 2011 in Fashion, feature, Women’s Fashion

Wearing a shell top will allow you to expand your options for fashionable, modest dressing hugely. Women’s shells provide extra coverage for the neckline and arms. Learn how to find the right shell for you and to stylishly layer your outfits this summer!

women's shell

Fashion was not always as it is today, and the same is true for modest fashion. In fact, there was a time when modest and fashionable were not even used in the same phrase together! But this is not the case anymore!

The modest yet stylish woman has been evolving for years – the clothes and style gradually growing with her (a few steps behind, but still growing none the less). One of the most prominent events on the evolution of modest fashion for Jewish women timeline was the introduction of women’s shells.

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Women’s Shells: Start Your Collection!

The shell is a base-layer that gives the modest woman the extra needed coverage for the neckline and elbows that mainstream clothes don’t always offer. “Shell” was the term given to this garment by the modest clothing industry for the clear purpose it serves. Just like the Webster Dictionary definition of a shell – an external case or outside covering – a women’s shell top acts as an external covering for women. Quite frankly, its fabulous! The shell is specifically an undergarment and not meant to be worn on its own.

With the introduction of the shell, the face of modest clothing completely changed – opening up a world of styles, clothes, outfits, and brands that were never an option for modest  women before due to their lack of coverage. The shell gave modest women the power to “modestize”, as it is called, giving many tops and dresses once off limits, the potential to become modest.

The shell has definitely improved from its origin several years ago in quality, construction, and fit and people have really taken to them. The shell has been a predominant trend in modest clothing for women for the past few years now with no signs of fading anytime soon. So if you don’t already have a versatile selection, you are not too late! But don’t let your summer go by shell-less. Your wardrobe is just not complete without one

Shells are available in several styles in a range of colors and different fabrics for women, children, teens, maternity, and plus. There are cotton shells for everyday, silk shells for special occasions, and a whole range of other fabrics to complement every outfit. You can wear shells under blouses and shells under suits… a shell for every occasion!

Each one has its own best use and depending on your desired need, one style would be better suited than another. Rest assured, within the extensive selection of shells there is the perfect extra coverage needed for every outfit, every occasion, and everyone! Here is MavenMall’s brief review of the most popular shell styles on the market and what they are best used for.

Long-sleeve shells


long-sleeve shellThe long sleeve shell is the “essential” shell because it does what all the other shell styles do in one! They are most useful in the winter and work great with short sleeve and sleeveless dresses and for layering with both long and short sleeve tops and sweaters.

The long sleeve shell also allows you to expand your winter Shabbos wardrobe to include lighter tops and jumper dresses giving you the extra coverage and warmth necessary for the cold.

Choose from a range of versatile color in long-sleeve shells.

Three-Quarter Sleeve Shells

three-quarter sleeve shellThe three-quarter sleeve shell is a staple item in the Spring and Summer. They are great under short sleeve tops and sleeveless dresses for all women and children. You would be surprised what difference a a few inches makes! They are a great way to stay modest and cool in the summer – while still looking sharp! Shop three-quarter sleeve shells in 9 great colors!

Cropped Shells

cropped midriff shell

Cropped shells (also known as midriff shells) are great for everyone in the Spring and Summer and are always great for Maternity, since they don’t cramp your belly. They cover the neckline and arms without an extra layer of cloth over your torso – this can make a great difference in helping you stay cool in the hot summer months. You can get sleeveless cropped shells, long sleeve cropped shells, and ¾-sleeve cropped shells here.

Sleeveless Shells

Sleeveless shells are very convenient and work for everyone – women, children, plus and maternity. They are your go-to for the summer when you only need neckline coverage. With sleeveless shells, you can wear all those great tops and dresses with lower necklines anytime without worrying about overlayering yourself and the additional bulk a full-sleeved shirt can add. Shop this great selection of sleeveless shells!

Sleeve Extensions


Sleevies are the newest craze within the shell trend. These work great with high neck short sleeve shirts. You would never know weren’t wearing an actual shirt underneath! They really open up a whole new world of fashion possibilities, without worrying about getting too hot and sweaty in the summer.

All the above styles come in an array of colors to choose from and can be worn casual or dressed up. Special occasion shells are also available. These shells have a shine/luster to them which gives them a fancier look. Simcha dress shopping became a lot easier with these shells on the scene. When you have a shell, the dress selection instantly becomes vastly wider.

The shell has undoubtedly become an integral part of the modest fashion. So get layering!

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