Modest Clothing for Women

MavenMall is an online magazine featuring modest clothing, fashion and lifestyle. MavenMall was founded by two moms looking to help women around the world find their own modest style and get the best deals on modest fashions.

MavenMall was created by  Naomi and Tamara – two wives, mothers, entrepreneurs and life-long friends.

Why did we create it? Every woman knows that getting dressed in the morning can be fun, or it can be a real burden- depending on how you feel about the options in your closet. We’re not obsessed with clothes or fashion, but it’s important to look good and feel good in what we wear – it makes such a difference to everything. Since we also value dressing modestly, we were finding it increasingly difficult to find quality clothes for ourselves and our children that were a pleasure to wear. We found online shopping so convenient in many ways, but the process of going from site to site, sifting through the 90% of clothes that were totally irrelevant to us was time-consuming and annoying.

That’s why created MavenMall – to celebrate the joys and challenges of modest dressing for women and girls in the modern world.


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